The Tin Can Banjo Project presents:

The Tin Can 2-String

The Tin Can 2-String is an instrument I designed to be built with easily available tools and materials, as a 'first project" introduction to instrument making. It's made out of a tin can, a length of 1" dowel, two small eyebolts, a nail, a small bit of wood for the bridge and some nylon mono-filament fishing line for the strings. Zip-tie frets can be added as well. Beginners usually finish the project in less than an hour. We use hammers, awls, reamers, files, "egg beater" hand drills, and electricians' chassis punches-- No power tools!

Since perfecting the design about a year ago I've made nearly a hundred of them, both with adults and kids as young as 6. They can be strummed, plucked or even bowed, and they really play music!

If you're coming to a workshop and want to bring your own can, just make sure the can is at least 1-3/8' deep and at least 2" in diameter. Cans as large as #10 (the big restaurant supply size) will work, but soup or large tuna fish can size is just right.

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